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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


An illustration for a local Auckland based musican.

Designing for science fiction.

Propaganda posters I designed for a science fiction world building paper. 
A group assignment with an animator and an industrial designer, we created an underground society called the 'blacksmiths' who controlled a powerful matter found after an apocalypse. 
These were exhibited along with a storyboard, illustrations and a model. 

Urban Angel (Pumpkin Patch).

Recently when working for advertising/branding agency 'Brandish', I helped them with a pitch for a website for 'Urban Angel'. 
This is a activity girls can do online by picking a character then creating outfits by dragging and placing on their chosen girl.

Monday, June 28, 2010

48 Hour Film Festival.

Movie poster created for a 40 hour film festival entry. 
Rattlesnake 2: The action taker - 'Me Time'. Check it out on you tube.

Touch Down.

Another live brief for 'Learning Media', this is from a series of 7 illustrations for a science fictional play. 

Vector Arena

Xmas card I illustrated for Vector Arena to send to their clients in 2009.

The Sun Bear.

This is a poster made for an assignment looking at the relationship between the Wellington Zoo and the Botanical Gardens. I chose to focus on the 'Sun Bear'. I became really interested in the anatomy of this animal, I also found Leonardo davinci's studies to be quite an influence on me at this time. 

Pig Hunting.

This is a piece I did for a live brief for 'Learning Media'.
A true story called "Where's Herbie?". About a man who went pig hunting and lost his dog.
This was all done digitally however I wanted to keep an organic aesthetic.